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Christmas Trees From Wemyss Firewood

We open our doors for the sale of Trees and Wreaths on Monday 2nd December and close on 22nd December, wreaths will be priced individually, please enquire with size/diameter required.

During the run up to Christmas we are open 7 days a week, 9.00am to 5.30pm weekdays and 8.30am to 6.00pm weekends.

We can deliver your tree this year; our delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday in each week with the last day for this being Thursday 19th December. If you would like a price for delivery please choose your tree species and size from the list below and send this and your post code to enquiries@wemyssfirewood.co.uk. Please Note that delivery is limited to a radius of 25 miles road distance from our yard at KY1 4TQ.

Thank you for thinking of us.

2019 Christmas Tree Prices

Height Up To Spruce Fir
1.2m (4ft) £19.50 £31.50
1.5m (5ft) £21.50 £35.50
1.8m (6ft) £25.50 £40.50
2.1m (7ft) £27.50 £46.50
2.4m (8ft) £29.50 £50.50
2.7m (9ft) £33.50 £54.50
3.0m (10ft) £37.50 £59.50
3.4m (11ft) £51.50 £65.50
3.7m (12ft) £68.50    
3.9m (13ft) £78.50    
4.2m (14ft) £88.50    
4.6m (15ft) £100.00    

NB Pine

Regretfully, this year's weather has led to substantial needle drop in our pine trees making them unsaleable this year.



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