Wemyss Firewood - Call 07825 151 482 for more details about Firewood and Christmas Tree deliveries
Location - Wemyss Firewoood


Consignments of any amount of firewood to be delivered within 5 miles of KY1 4TQ will be shipped free of charge, deliveries beyond 5 miles and up to our maximum shipping distance of 15 miles (road distance) will be charged at £1 per mile from the 5 mile free limit point.


When delivering firewood to you we can arrange to have it tipped at a convenient place provided that it is accessible to our delivery pickup, alternatively, and for kiln dried firewood, our recommendation, we can leave the firewood logs in their delivery bags for which we have to charge a returnable deposit of £7 per 1 cubic meter bag and £5 per 0.25 cubic meter bag.

Watch delivery videos to help decide on your preferred method



Wemyss Firewood Moss Cottage, Standing Stane Road, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 4TQ
Mobile: 07825 151482 Landline: 01592 650199 or email at enquiries@wemyssfirewood.co.uk