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Kiln Dried Hardwood - "The Ultimate Firewood”

Further to our earlier note we are now looking to recommence deliveries of Firewood in early October, we have about 200 1cm bags in stock, these are divided circa 50:50 Kiln dried /Air dried Hardwood with a few bags of Softwood also available. If you wish to make an order please send this by email to enquiries @wemyssfirewood.co.ukas the telephone numbers wont be answered.

However once the present stock is sold we are regretfully looking to close our firewood business, the ever-increasing cost of delivery and bags is beginning to make it uneconomic.

Nevertheless we are looking at possibly offering firewood delivered locally in bulk loads, minimum 2 cubic meters, tipped at your home and would appreciate any comments as to whether or not you would find this acceptable.

 NB there is no minimum order if you collect from our yard

By Popular Demand we have sourced a supply of kiln dried Oak and Ash the very best firewood you can buy.

Prices - Oak or Ash cut and split to 25cm/10 inch length are the same price and are available as follows:-

1 cubic meter bag  



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